I would be happy to give you some recommendations for a special gift that is unique and original, which I am sure will satisfy whoever it is you choose to pamper.

Option One – 925 sterling silver jewelry set:
Silver jewelry has become increasingly popular in the last year, with many women choosing to switch to wearing silver.
There are a variety of sets, but I will recommend the one set I believe every women will fall in love with at first sight – a stunning set of necklace and earrings from the “Beyonce” set, purposely named after queen B for their impressive and dominating presence – a luxurious sight which will make any women wish she owned them!
The pendant of the necklace is studded with dozens of hand-polished, handcrafted high-quality zircons.
The earrings, which are attached to the ear in a perfect star shape, are also studded with dozens of hand-polished, handcrafted high-quality zircons.
* The same earrings also exist in a version in which they hang down from the ear – they are just as impressive. You can view this version here

silver earing
silver necklace
sterling silver 925 earings

Option Two – A personally engraved jewel
Every woman has a name and every woman seeks meaning.
A special and rich variety of personally engraved jewelry add sentimental value to whoever is receiving your gift.
Out of the countless sets and models available, I think the following set is most suitable and meaningful: Link bracelet and heart necklace.

engraved necklace
custom necklace

Option 3: Gift Card!
In case you are still wondering, the best and most convenient way to treat your loved one is to give him/her our chargeable gift card, giving the card holder the option to purchase whatever he/she wishes either from our booth or our website!
The gift card will be sent directly to the address you provide, and the card will be active and available to use for a full year from the day of purchase